Interesting Links Related to a Holiday Stay at Camping Prahljust


Dear Guests,

we have put together a list of links with commentary. These links might be useful when planning a stay at our camping site. We hope to make your holiday preparations easier. Unfortunately, not all webpages are available in English language. Please note, that the owner of the corresponding webpage is responsible for the content himself - not Camping Prahljust. 

1) Weather

2) Tourism Information Agencies

3) Important Sights

4) Active Holiday (Hiking, Mountain-Biking, Climbing)

5) Private Webpages

6) Harz for Kids

7) Others

8) Theater, Festival, Open-Air Concerts


1) Weather

- Actual Weather

The actual weather in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, been measured roughly 2 km away from the camp site.

2) Tourism Information Agencies

- Official Tourismus Marketing of the Oberharz Region

The villages in the region "Oberharz" (= higher areas in the western Harz) have joined a tourism marketing organisation. The website provides a lot of useful information regarding events, museums and sight seeing.


- Harz Tourism Organisation (Harzer Verkehrsverband)

Tourism Organisation of basically all citys of the Harz Area. It is comparable to the above mentioned organisation, but with a focus on the entire region. 





3) Important Touristic Sights

3a) Nature related sights

- National Nature Reserve Harz (Nationalpark Harz)                                                  

The National Nature Reserve Harz covers the central part of the Harz mountains and is just 5 km away from the camp site. It is easy to get to this protected area by car or bus. The website informs you about trails, information houses, importance of this specific area and of course rare plants and animals.


Information Center National Nature Reserve Harz in Sankt Andreasberg


Information & Exhibition Center National Nature Reserve Harz in Bad Harzburg

Exhibition about the development of the Harz Forest.


Information Center National Nature Reserve Harz in Torfhaus

Exhibition about nature in the National Nature Reserve Harz and as well the start point of the trail to Brocken top.


- Spring of the River Rhume

On of the largest springs in Europe. Romantic atmosphere in summer when the sun is shining - the water shimmers turquoise blue.



WorldForest (Weltwald) Bad Grund

A forest near Bad Grund where the Forest Administration tests trees from all over the world in the Harz climate already for many centuries. AS the are arranges in areas linked to certain regions on the globe you can move from forests in Nothern America into Nothern Asian Forests within a few minutes. Especially the North American part with sequoia trees is impressive. Really a nice sight without entrance fee!


TreeTop Walk

A trail in the air to discover the athmosphere in the top of Harz trees. Close to Bad Harzburg.



Gliding through the forest. Close to the TreeTop Walk.


Bode Valley

The most impressive valley in the Harz mountains with massive rocks. The Harz Hexentrail follows the Bode valley for a certain while and is the best option to discover the valley. A big number of tourist just use the cable cabin connection to the top for the nice view down into the valley.


Falkon Show in the Harz

If you want to see well trained falkons and other birds you are at the right place there.


3b) Mining & Geology related Sights


- Upper Harz Water System

The Upper Harz Water System is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the biggest system to generate mechanical power before the invention of the steam engine. Our camp site is directly at one of those lakes and is a good spot to start discovering the UNESCO site. An excellent article on this UNESCO site is to be found at Wikipedia:


- Oberharz Mining Museum in Zellerfeld (Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum)

The Mining Museum Clausthal-Zellerfeld is on of the most important museum in Germany dedicated to the history of technical achiefments. Important inventions have been made during the mining period in Clausthal-Zellerfeld like the steel cable or the intensive usage of water power for mining. It is definitely worth a visit.


- Geological Museum of the Technical University of Clausthal

One of the most important geological collections worldwide is in the ownership of the Technical University of Clausthal. A small part is displayed in the "GeoMuseum" in the centre of Clausthal. Please note the short opening times.


- Rammelsberg Mine

The biggest single mine of the Harz mountains was in the Rammelsberg near Goslar. It was in operation for more than 1000 years. Now it is a museum. It is a UNESCO world heritage site as well.


- 19-Lachter-Mine

Smaller mine in Wildemann but impressive views down into the mine and an operational water wheel. Impressive especially for kids. UNESCO World Heritage site.


- Lautenthal's Glück Mine

Important old mine in Lautenthal. A special experience is using a small boat in the mine for transport. 


- Samson Mine in Sankt Andreasberg

Mining museum with mine in Sankt Andreasberg. UNESCO world heritage site.


- Knesebeck Mine in Bad Grund

Mining museum for the modern mining technologies. This mine was closed just 30 years ago. UNESCO World Heritage site.


- Red Bear Mine

Mine in Sankt Andreasberg. Not an official museum, but a mine for training and discovery. operated by a local society to preserve the mining history.


- Rabenstein Mine

This is the only coal mine of the Harz mountains. Nowadays a museum.


- Büchenberg Mine

A big iron mine in the eastern part of the Harz mountains.


- Harzwasserwerke

The company operates and cares for the small and big lakes in the western Harz mountains. Important information also on the Upper Harz Water System.


- Archeology in the Harz mountains

Information to excavations in the Harz mountains to trace back the history of the region.


3c) Old cities, casteles, churches and palaces


- Goslar Sights

Official homepage of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Goslar. The important sights including the palatinate (Kaiserpfalz) are presented. The historic city center is definitely worth a vist! Also included are details about the museums in Goslar (Moenchehaus Museum for Modern Art, City Museum) 


- Monastery Walkenried

An old monastery, which survived to the presence only in ruins and some smaller architectural fragments. Once it was a huge monastery with wealth and influence. Nowadays just a few buidings survived, but these are still impressive. Located in the south of the Harz mountains. In summer time classical concerts take place there.


- Monastery Woeltingerode

Old monastery for agricultural purpose. Nowadays a distillery and restaurant.


- Historic City Quedlinburg

UNESCO World Heritage like Goslar. Historic City Center and the Cathedral on a small hill. Important cathedral treasury.


- former Monastery Bad Gandersheim

Rich monastery in historic times. The church is preserved in romanic style. THe city center is  not big, but nice. Outside the city there is second historic  site also linked to the monastery.  


- City of Stolberg

Small nice city in the southern part of the Harz.


- Wernigerode

Historic City centre with castle above.


Schloss Wernigerode

Das "Neuschwanstein des Harzes". Schloss über Wernigerode in toller Lage. Absolut besuchenswert.



 - Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus, Gernrode

Stiftskirche aus ottonischer Zeit. Eines der wichtigsten romanischen Bauwerke in Deutschland.


- Domschatz von Quedlinburg

Bedeutende mittelalterlicher Domschatz. Heute glücklicherweise wieder zu besichtigen.


- Domschatz von Halberstadt

Ebenso wichtiger Domschatz.


- Konradsburg

Ehemalige mittelalterliche Burg im Nordost-Harz. Erhalten geblieben ist die Kirche mit einer romanischen Krypta.


- Kloster Michaelstein

Kloster mit Musikinstrumentenmuseum und Musikakademie. Zahlreiche Musikveranstaltungen.


- Burg Falkenstein

Eine der wenigen original erhaltenen Burgen aus dem Mittelalter.



- Museum im Zwinger, Goslar

Einer der größten Befestigungstürme in Deutschland beherbergt heute ein Museum mit mittelalterlichen Waffen und Rüstungen.


- Römerschlacht am Harzhorn

Bei Seesen tobte vor 1700 Jahren eine heftige Schlacht zwischen Römern und Germanen. Diese war nicht aus Überlieferungen bekannt, konnte aber aus vielen Fundstücken ungefähr rekonstruiert werden. Ob die Römer wohl der Metallreichtum des Harzes angelockt hat? Oder waren sie einfach nur auf dem Rückweg aus einem Feldzug an der Elbe? Viel zu besichtigen gibt es nicht, aber als Kuriosität sicher interessant.



3d) Natural Caves


- Limestone Caves with Stalactits at Ruebeland (Ruebelaender Hoehlen)

Both limestone caves (Baumannshoehle & Hermannshoehle) are really worth a visit. Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe has also visited one of the caves. Both caves are much larger and more impressiv than the smaller Iberg cave.


- Limestone Cave with Stalactits at the Iberg (Iberger Tropfsteinhöhle & Hoehlen Erlebniszentrum)

Small limestone cave with stalactits and stalagmites. Also displayed are the excavations in a small cave closed by. In this small cave people lived thousands of years ago. Their daily life was reconstructed in an exhibition based on the findings. Also DNA analysis was able to prove direct relationship with some people from today. Therefore, the oldest proven family of the world! The museum is relative new.


- Unicorn Cave

Cave in front of the Harz mountains. Very romantic. Known for long and visited by many people already in historic times.


- Höhle Heimkehle

Gipskarsthöhle im Südharz.


- Barbarossa-Höhle im Kyfhäuser

Die Legendäre Barbarossahöhle im Kyfhäuser. Nahe zum Harz.


3e) Other sights


- Grenzland Museum

Museum showing the split of Germany and especially the Harz Area during the time of 1945 - 1990. Near Duderstadt.



- Cable Way / Chair Lift in Thale

From Thale, which is in the valley of the river Bode start one cable way and one chair lift to both sides of the  valley. The valley sides are very sharp at this place. 


- Zinnfigurenmuseum Goslar

Museum in Goslar displaying small tin figures.


- Glow Golf

Glow Golf (Minigolf) im alten Kurhaus von Wildemann. Inneneinrichtung in knalligen Leuchtfarben mit Harzer Motiven. Beleuchtung mit Schwarzlicht. Super für Familien. Aber vorher unbedingt anrufen, ob auch Platz ist, da Kapazität auf den Bahnen begrenzt ist. Auch für Anfänger. 


 - Hängebrücke Titan

Hängebrücke entlang der Rappbodetalsperre. Über 100 m hoch, 450 m lang, mit Gitterrosten zum Runterschauen. Nichts für schwache Nerven...


 - Megazipline / Hexenpflug

Seilrutsche an der höchsten Talsperre Deutschlands entlang. Nichts für schwache Nerven...



Die Rübelandbahn mit ihrer Dampf-Lokomotive "Bergkönigin" fährt an Wochenenden und besonderen Gelegenheiten die Strecke nach Rübeland. Termine und Fahrpreise auf der Webpage. Für Eisenbahnnostalgiker ein Muß!


- Snake farm

A special farm in the area north of Goslar, where more than 1000 snakes life. The zoo is open for visitors, but be careful not to be beaten ! 


- Harzer Small Track Railways

The "Harzer Schmalspurbahnen" use steam locomotives to climb the Harz Mountains. Famous is the line to the top of the Brocken (highest Harz mountain).


- Uhrenmuseum in Bad Grund

Clock museum in Bad Grund.


- Pullmann City II

A western city like in the USA was build in the eastern part of the Harz. A lot of shows cowboys and live western music.


- Park of Herbs in Altenau (Kraeuterpark Altenau)

Touristic sight in Altenau. Many different herbs and spices from all over the world are shown.


- Concentration Camp Dora-Mittelbau

Also the worst part of German history left it's footprints in the Harz mountains. During the second world war the Nazi leaders in Germany build a concentration camp near Nordhausen. Caves closed by were used for weapon production (mainly rockets). The work was done by prisoners of war, jewish people and anyone who was an enemy in the eyes of this brutal and insane people. Many of the imprisoned humans did not survive. Surely not a place for a romantic holiday trip, but anyhow a place to be visited.  


- Panoramamuseum Bad Frankenhausen

Monumentalbild von Werner Tübke "Frühbürgerliche Revolution in Deutschland".


- Grenzlandmuseum Bad Sachsa

Das Grenzlandmuseum Bad Sachsa informiert über die Grenzanlagen, die Deutschland bis 1989 geteilt haben.


- Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode

Luftfahrtmuseum in Wernigerode. Für Luftfahrt-Begeisterte.


- Miniaturenpark Wernigerode

Im Bürgerpark in Wernigerode werden Modelle der wichtigsten Harzer Sehenswürdigkeiten ausgestellt. Bei schönem Wetter wirklich spannend, die ganzen Modelle von allen Seiten zu betrachten (vor allem, wenn man sie auch im Original kennt).



- Historic Char Coal Production

In the Eastern part of the Harz you can learn how to produce char coal from wood. In former time one of the most important professions as char coal was required for melting and refining of metal orcs to pure metals.


- Museum "Moenchehaus" for Modern Art in Goslar

Museum for Modern Art in Goslar. Changing exhibitions. The Museum has a high reputation and often displays the work of well known artists.


4) Active Holiday (Hiking, Mountain-Biking, Climbing)

- Harzer Hexenstieg (Harz Witch Trail)

The Harzer Hexenstieg is a hiking trail, which crosses the Harz in the direction of it longest axis. It has been set-up some years ago and is nowdays famous among hikers. It touches many different landscapes like lakes, deep forests, high mountains or high moors. The camp site is located directly at the Harzer Hexenstieg. And is an ideal place for staying the night after the first trail day.


- Karstwanderweg (Special Hiking Trail)

Many information about a very special hiking trail, which is dedicated to the geological phenomena of karst. Many caverns and caves are touched.


- Harzklub

The Harzklub takes care of all the hiking signs at the trails. The Harzklub also organizes guided hiking tours and provides a  lot of information about different hiking trails.


- Harzagentur

The Harzagentur organizes guided canoe tours, nordic walking seminars, mountain bike tours and a lot more. Some of their program points take place right at the camp site. (please see under "Events")


 - Harzer Wandernadel

Die Harzer Wandernadel und die Stempelstellen werden vorgestellt.


- Adrenalintours

Adrenalintours ist ein Veranstalter von Outdoor-Aktivitäten wie Esel-Trekking oder Husky-Touren und vieles mehr. Einige Touren starten am Entensumpf. Dieser kleine See ist nicht weit vom Campingplatz entfernt. Also bei Interesse an organisierten Touren einfach einmal nachfragen...


 - Harz Vital

Weiterer Anbieter von Outdooraktivitäten.


 - Monsterroller

Mit "Monsterrollern" den Berg runter! Möglich in Braunlage bei der Wurmbergseilbahn.


- Wild Water Canoeing at the river Oker

Detailed description of the wild water trail in the river Oker. Famoust wild water trail in Nothern Germany. Only for experts!


- Alpinum Schulenberg including. Racepark

Bike-Alpinum during summer time, Ski Alpinum during winter time. The racepark offers the combination of a ski lift and Mountainbike Downhill-Trail.


- Mountain-Bike-Trails

An overview over many different mountain bike trails.


- High Rope Park, Sankt Andreasberg

High rope adventure park in Sankt Andreasberg. For tough guys!


- High Rope Park, Bad Harzburg

High rope adventure park in Bad Harzburg. Also for tough guys!


- Hot-air balloon-Trips

Private Hot-air balloon trips in the Harz region.


- Mountain Climbing

Very useful information about climbing in the valley of the river Oker.


- Golf in the Harz Area

Information about golf in the Harz mountains.


- Cable Slide

Cable slide along the highest dam in Germany. You cross a valley by this cable slide. Like flying. Not for sensitive people...

- Winter Sports Information

- Harz-Ski

Information about snow heights and condition of ski trails. 


- Skilift at the Sonnenberg

Closest relevant Ski lift to the camp site Prahljust.


- Ski Lifts near Sankt Andreasberg

Ski lifts close to Sankt Andreasberg


- Cableway Bocksberg, Schulenberg

Cableway for Skiing and Hikers. During summer with Bike-Park.r Skigebiet.


- Ski Lifts near Torfhaus

Skilifte near Torfhaus. Especially of interest for tobogganing.


- Alpinum Schulenberg

Ski lifts near Schulenberg


- Wurmberg Cableway

Highest ski area in the Harz. This ski trail is the one, which is most alpine style. Modern Ski lifts and cableway. Bike Park in summer times.  


- Kristalltherme Altenau


Wellness temple in Altenau with bis Sauna.


Public Pools


- Acquantic in Goslar

Public indoor pool in Goslar.


- Aqualand Osterode

Fun indoor pool in Osterode. Ideal for kids and families.


- Städtisches Hallenbad in Clausthal

Publich indoor pool in Clausthal. No separate pool for Kids, more for adults.


- Vitamar in Bad Lauterberg

Fun indoor pool in Bad Lauterberg. Suitable for kids and families.


5) Private Webpages

- Harz-Holiday

Useful private webpage with a lot of information.


- Harzluchs

Useful private webpage with a lot of information.


- Harzlife

Useful private webpage with a lot of  information.


6) Harz for Kids

- Theater of the Night (Theater der Nacht)

Theater with small scale figures dedicated for children and adults. Imaginative. 


- Summer Toboggan-run in Sankt Andreasberg

To the top with the lift and down with the toboggan-run.      


- Fairy-tale Forest (Maerchenwald)

Forest in Bad Harzburg, where fairy-tales are shown to Kids. Wood figures display important German fairy-tales.



7) Others

- Camping Market

The Brendes company, which is operating the Camping Market in Goslar is also sometimes present at the camp site especially to check on demand the gas installations in caravans. 


- City of Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Official webpage of the Clausthal-Zellerfeld, where the camp site is located.


- City of Duderstadt

Nice historic city in the proximity of the Harz mountains.


- City of Osterode

City at the Border of the Harz. 15 km away from Clausthal with an historic city center. Ideal for Shopping and relaxed walks.


- Hahnenklee

Part of the city of Goslar. This part is located in the Harz Mountains, whereas the center of Goslar is at the border of the Harz Mountains. Major touristic sights are the Nordic Style Church and the "Love Seat Trail" (Oh well, is this the right translation ???). 


- Braunlage

City of Braunlage. Information to winter sport places at the Wurmberg.


- Regional Confederation Harz

Official webpage of the Regional Confederation of the Harz Cities. Information about Nature Parks and Geological Parks.


- Photographs of the Harz

An huge collection of pictures from almost every sight in the Harz region.


- Albert-Tower

The Albert-Tower (Albert-Turm) is a well known mountain restaurant at the top of the Iberg over the small village of Bad Grund. Nice view from the top of the tower. In summer time on sunday snow ball fight with snow preserved from winter times in a cave.


- Polsterberg Hubhaus

Restaurant in a historic building. Nice target for hiking from the camp site.


- Marienteich Baude

Restaurant between Torfhaus and Bad Harzburg. All year long feeding of wild animals (mainly deers and wild pigs) in the evening.


- Hanskuehnenburg

The Hanskuehnenburg is a touristic sight at the top of a mountain (Acker-Bruchberg). There is a tower to look above the trees and a restaurant.


- Pixhaier Muehle

A Restaurant in direct proximity of the camp site. Could be reached by foot within 5 minutes.


- Ringer Zechenhaus

A small wine house in an old mining building. You can drink some wine and eat small dishes there. Very friendly owners and beautiful athmosphere especially in summer times.


- Brockenwirt

The restaurant and hotel at the top of the Brocken mountain.


- Wellness Opportunities in Bad Harzburg

For everyone, who has a demand for wellness.


- Museum Bad Frankenhausen

Monumental painting by Werner Tuebke presenting the farmers revolution in Germany during the beginning of modern times. Made

during the time of the German Democratic Republic (Eastern Germany). Of course, originally a propagandistic painting but anyhow

very impressive.


- Grenzlandmuseum Bad Sachsa

This museum presents the history of the wall between Eastern and Western Germany during the time of the the cold war.

8) Theater, Festival, Open-Air Concerts

- Bad Gandersheimer Domfestspiele

Open-Air Theater with interessting acts, some also for kids.    


- Harzer Bergtheater

 Open-Air Concerts / theater in a nice landscape over the Bode valley. The style of the acts is main stream.


- Cave Festival (Höhlenfestspiele Baumannshöhle)

Theater directly in a lime stone cave with stalagmites. The acts are more dedicated to art. Especially the drama Faust I from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe at the original place, which was visited by him is famous. But also fairy stories. Recommended !


- Theater of the Night (Theater der Nacht)

Theater with small scale figures dedicated for children and adults. Imaginative.